Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to Sign BOOGERS and POOP in ASL

Come on! I'm not the only one who is curious about this. I've seen the way moms laugh and dads chuckle when I teach them the sign for POOP. So I know, you've thought about this to. And if you haven't, now you're curious.

How to sign POOP:
Make the "thumbs up" sign with you right hand. Grasp the thumb of the right hand with the left hand and close your fist around it. Pull your thumb down and out of your fist. Want to see a video? Visit ASLPro and look up POOPER SCOOPER in the main dictionary.

How to sign BOOGERS:
Use the 4 handshape to show a runny nose, then touch your face to show where it is on the face. No video for this one, but thanks to Signing Time Moderator Jenml for the information.

What other "gross" signs do you want to learn?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sign Language iPhone App from Signing Time

I have been overtly drooling over all my friends' and coworker's iPhones. Imagine what I could do with one of those...Twitter all day, keep up-to-date with the latest on Facebook, and learn sign language.

Yes, sign language. Signing Time just introduced an iPhone Application that uses flashcards and video clips to teach American Sign Language. The signs taught are from the videos My First Signs and Playtime Signs.

I can't try this product out (unless someone wants to give me an iPhone to review. Hint. Hint.) If you purchase it, let the rest of us know what you think.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Raising a Signing Baby: 22 Months - Four Letter Words

At 22 months, Munchkin was talking in 1-6 word combinations, but not everything was easy to understand. I still needed clarification on "fork" and "fox." They both sounded incredibly like a 4-letter-word! When I wasn't sure what she was saying, I asked her to clarify her word with signs. Or, if she was simply pointing and grunting, I would ask her to "Use your words or your signs/hands."

Munchkin was also signing in multi-word combinations and mixing signs and words together to communicate. She continued to learn new signs all the time. A couple days after learning the sign, SUNSET, I heard her call out "Sunset!" Of course, I ran to enjoy the experience with her.

What Can Smart Baby Sign Language Blog do for You?

How can Smart Baby Sign Language help you sign with your baby or child? Feel free to ask me any questions. If I can't find a reliable source, I'll poll those who know. What else would help you: activities to teach sign language, ways to use sign language to teach reading, reviews of sign language products, etc.?

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