Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jesus Loves Me in Sign Language Ends in Discussion about Omnipresence

My daughter loves to sing and sign "Jesus Loves Me." At bedtime, we start by singing and signing it loudly and then gradually sing in a whisper. The last time we "sing" it, we use sign language only. Sometimes she loves the last verse. Sometimes she hates it. "No, Mommy, no!" Sometimes she giggles and covers her head and peaks out at me from time to time. I wonder what's going through that little head. I know I am the only person who signs more than one word to her without speaking at the same time. But, that's a discussion for another day.

Tonight, when I was signing, she said, "Jesus not here. Jesus not in my house."

I explained, "Jesus is everywhere."

She said, "Jesus like TV..." she mumbled some of this but I got the gist.

I explained, "Jesus is not a TV person. He's not a person like you and me. He's different, and he's special and he's everywhere."

Did she get any of that? I don't know, but knowing my daughter, probably. Would we have had this conversation tonight if we weren't signing? Probably not. She would have been too busy belting out the lyrics to ask any questions.

Now I need to learn some more religious signs.

Oh, and here is a YouTube video of girl signing Jesus Loves Me. It's not high quality, but it'll do. It might even make you giggle. When I find a better one, I'll post it.

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