Sunday, September 7, 2008

Use YouTube for Free Baby Sign Language Videos

Before you decide to purchase a sign language video, see if you can watch a clip on YouTube. Then look for the following things:

  1. Do you enjoy it? After all, you'll be watching it alot with your child. If the music or host or style annoys you, find something else.
  2. How often is the sign repeated? The more the sign is modeled, the more quickly your child will be able to pick up its meaning.
  3. Does your child enjoy it? Some children are frightened of puppets, others enjoy them. Does your child like to move and dance? Look for DVDs with catchy music. My daughter would dance for 20 minutes at a time while learning sign language from a DVD.
Here are some Baby Sign Programs on YouTube:
Baby Signing Time and Signing Time - Great music and high-quality production
My Smart Hands
My Baby Can Talk

I'm sure there are more. Let me know which ones I'm missing and I'll post them.


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