Monday, September 22, 2008

Toddler Thanks God in Baby Sign Language

Before supper, my daughter usually thanks God for her meal. We pray in sign language and in English because when we started teaching her to pray, she was more proficient in ASL than in speaking. She prays for the normal things, thanks for a fun day, thank you for Mom and Dad, thanks for my hot dogs, etc. Tonight, I gave my daughter a cup with a tiny bit of rice milk in it. I wanted her to finish it before I gave her anything else to drink.

Her prayer went something like this, "Thank you, God, for food. Thank you for the little bit of milk." In ASL, "THANK YOU GOD. FOOD. LITTLE MILK." And when she signed LITTLE, it was very little.

I love how ASL expresses somethings so visually and in a way, more accurately, than English.


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