Monday, September 1, 2008

How Do I Use Sign Language with a Toddler?

While learning how to teach a baby sign language was challenging, there were plenty of resources. But as my daughter grew and expanded her American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary there were fewer and fewer sources to help me teach her more. As her spoken vocabulary expanded, was it worth it the time and effort to continue teaching her more sign language? I didn't know how ASL sentences were formed or how to move her from vocabulary to actual language. ASL requires finger spelling. Was she too young to learn spelling?

I will share the information I discovered in future posts.


What Can Smart Baby Sign Language Blog do for You?

How can Smart Baby Sign Language help you sign with your baby or child? Feel free to ask me any questions. If I can't find a reliable source, I'll poll those who know. What else would help you: activities to teach sign language, ways to use sign language to teach reading, reviews of sign language products, etc.?

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